SylvanDale Rustic Barn Policies


We have designed our policies for you to have a great event!


Friday night rehearsal (4 hours max) must be scheduled with SylvanDale LLC. On Saturdays, the entire space will be available from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. for setup, decorating, ceremony, reception, and dance. All buildings and grounds must be vacated and vehicles removed from the property by 11:30 p.m. The space will also be available from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. on Sundays for take down and clean up. Sunday cleanup time is negotiable and may be scheduled later at the discretion of SylvanDale LLC.


If the Renter cancels the reservation for the event 21 days or more prior to the event date, SylvanDale LLC shall refund to the Renter the Barn Rental Fee and the Security Deposit Fee minus the Nonrefundable Reservation Deposit, which shall be retained as liquidated damages. If the Renter cancels the event within 20 days of the event date, SylvanDale LLC shall retain the Barn Rental Fee and Nonrefundable Reservation Deposit, although the Security Deposit Fee will be returned.


The barn, milk house and court yard are decorated with antiques that must remain in place. Additional decorations may be added by the Renter at the discretion of SylvanDale LLC. Additional decorations may not be fixed or fastened with nails or screws and all decorations/fasteners must be removed during take down. Failure to do so will result in a loss of a portion of the security deposit. Flower petals, rice, birdseed or lavender seed are permitted but must be cleaned up after the event. All decorations must be removed by the Renter at the end of the event unless otherwise arranged. No fireworks, candles, oil lamps, or other sources of open flames are allowed.


The Renter is responsible to make arrangements for music during the event. If music is provided it must be terminated by 11:00 p.m. on the day of the event. 

Food Service

Renters can hire a caterer or food may also be prepared and brought in by the Renter for service to the wedding party and guests. If hiring a caterer, caterers are required to be licensed and insured. Renter shall arrange that caterers are responsible for removing all equipment, foods, recyclables and garbage generated from the food service the day of the event. Electricity and portable water are provided for caterer use.

Tables and Chairs

Antique tables and chairs for 100 guests are included in the SylvanDale wedding package. Additional seating for the ceremony and reception must be provided by the Renter.


SylvanDale LLC will provide the exclusive use of the barn, milk house, barn yard, parking lot, court yard, and trails except for necessary staff or employees of SylvanDale LLC. The barn and milk house have a capacity of 150 people with additional outdoor seating for 50 people for a total of 200 guests. Max capacity is 250 guests with additional tent rented. Tables and chairs are provided for 100 guests. Set up of additional chairs and tables are the responsibility of the Renter. Additional space is provided for up to a 30 ft x 50 ft event tent and a 20 ft x 20 ft catering tent. Field parking for 125 vehicles is provided.

Liquor Service

As the host of a private party, the Renter acknowledges responsibility for the proper and lawful consumption of alcoholic beverages at SylvanDale LLC for the duration of the event. Alcohol service is limited to beer, wine or signature drinks. Alcohol must be served by SylvanDale’s licensed bartenders. Cash bar or open bar is allowed. SylvanDale’s bartenders will exercise due care in serving alcoholic beverages and will refuse service to any person under the age of 21 or intoxicated. At any time, if the SylvanDale owners consider alcohol consumption to be excessive, the owners have the right to close down all alcohol service and/or evict any intoxicated guests from the premises. SylvanDale LLC assumes no liability for alcohol service or consumption. Renters are advised to check with their insurance carrier to ensure they have adequate coverage for the event. Renter is responsible for acquiring a driver if an individual appears to be incapable of safe driving. **NO ALCOHOL CARRY-INS ALLOWED ON THE PROPERTY**

Other Properties

Rental of the barn does not include use of adjacent farm properties, cabin, shop, garage, or home on the property. The SylvanDale rustic barn is part of a working farm and guests are not allowed into or around other farm buildings WITHOUT PERMISSION AND A GUIDE for liability reasons.


SylvanDale LLC is not responsible for stolen or lost personal belongings and has no responsibility for property left on the premises before, during or after the event. The Renter is responsible to provide for supervision of all children on the property. Pets are not allowed unless they are part of the ceremony or being used for service and approved by SylvanDale LLC. Open flames are strictly prohibited except that a camp fire may take place in the fire pit area. In the event of severe weather with winds exceeding 45 mph the staff of SylvanDale will order that the barn be evacuated and guests will be asked to return to their vehicles until the severe weather subsides.  SylvanDale LLC accepts no responsibility for damaged property due to weather, flooding, fire or other acts of God. Adequate exit pathways from the barn and milk house and compliance with building capacities during the event will be maintained by the Renter and at the discretion and direction of SylvanDale LLC.


The Renter is responsible for any and all damage to the event space, property and/or adjacent properties. No flower picking, fireworks, balloons, glitter or confetti are allowed. Any person observed to be in disorderly conduct while on the property will be evicted from the premises at the discretion of SylvanDale LLC.


No smoking is allowed in or around the farm buildings or BARN. There is a designated smoking area.

This rule will be strictly enforced. 

SylvanDale LLC reserves the right to ask smokers to leave if they are not following this policy. All cigarette butts must be placed in receptacles and removed after the event.


The rental fee covers the cleaning and appearance of buildings and grounds prior to the event. The Renter is responsible for all take down and clean-up after the event. All garbage, trash, decorations, furnishings, and any other items used for the event must be cleaned-up and removed from the property after the event. The property will be inspected after clean-up and the cost of any additional clean-up will be deducted from the security deposit or billed to the renter.